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Konosuba Volume 11 PDF [Fanfic]

- 6/05/2017 12:42:00 PM
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Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings! Volume 11
The Great Magus' Sister

Konosuba Volume 11 PDF cover

Here we go, finally konosuba vol 11 is out! This light novel series is translated by yuNS on


After Kazuma and Co. completed the bodyguard mission, they were visited by Megumin’s younger sister, Komekko. The younger sister’s shows of respect have placed Kazuma, Aqua, and even Darkness in a good mood. To show her their heroics, the three have decided to go to on a quest for once(?)

Table of Contents

 Prologue (Translated)
Chapter 1: Awakening of the Lolicon NEET (Not Translated yet)
Chapter 2: Jinchu of this Housemate! (Not Translated yet)
Chapter 3: Goddess' Grace for this Pious Follower! (Not Translated yet)
Chapter 4: Showdown with this Crafty Monster! (Not Translated yet)
Chapter 5: Starting Over with these Adventurers! (Not Translated yet)
Epilogue (Not Translated yet)
Afterword (Not Translated yet)

Download Link

So where is the download link? Just wait until this series is fully translated. Or you can download this pdf which include the illustrations and Prologue.

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