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I’m a High School Boy and a Bestselling Light Novel Author, Strangled by My Female Junior and a Voice Actress

- 5/21/2017 11:50:00 AM
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Danshi Koukousei de Urekko Light Novel Sakka o Shite Iru Keredo, Toshishita no Classmate de Seiyuu no Onnanoko ni Kubi o Shimerarete Iru

I’m a High School Boy and a Bestselling Light Novel Author, Strangled by My Female Junior and a Voice Actress

Novel Description

I’m a high school student who became an author after debuting at Dengeki Bunko. After taking a year of hiatus from school to write my work, I transferred out to another high school to study, and met a girl called Eri Nitadori in school, a rookie voice actress cast as a character in the anime adaptation of my work.

In school, we treat our professions as a secret. However, Nitadori’s very popular in class, and I’m a loner…the only chance we get to talk to each other is when we take the Limited Express train together every Thursday, seated side by side as for head off for an anime After Recording.

To improve her skills, she asked me questions regarding the profession. While I was answering the questions regarding the process–how did it end up like this.

This is what I last remembered before I lost consciousness, and the story of my near-death experience.

Reader Reviews

by canaria
An informative novel about writing a novel. the story mainly takes place on an express train with the MC talking to his junior and coworker about how to make a novel, how authors are paid, how to file taxes, the process of animation, etc.

a slight mystery novel trying to find the reason why the MC was being strangled by Eri. bits and pieces of the puzzle are revealed in their daily interactions as the MC recalls the moments that led to the predicament of him being under Eri with her slender hand choking his carotid artery.

Series Information

  • Japanese Title: 男子高校生で売れっ子ライトノベル作家をしているけれど、年下のクラスメイトで声優の女の子に首を絞められている。
  • Author: 時雨沢恵一 (Keiichi Sigsawa)
  • Illustrator: 黒星紅白 (Kōhaku Kuroboshi)
  • Genre: Comedy Romance School Life Shounen Slice of Life 
  • Volumes: 3
  • Status: Ongoing 
  • Translator: baka-tsuki

Download Links

Volume 1
Volume 2
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